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Divorce Issues

There are a variety of issues that must be addressed during a divorce. Who's keeping the house – or are we going to sell it? How will the assets and debts be divided? Will there be maintenance? If so, how much and for how long? When will we each get to be with our children? How much will I have to pay in child support? What will happen at Christmas? Who's paying the children's health insurance?
During mediation the parties meticulously consider and attempt to resolve the financial and family concerns. The mediator brings to the forefront many questions that the parties need to address. Mediators also point out variables and potential consequences that might arise and might be the result of the parties' decisions. Let A Center for Divorce Solutions help you settle potential divorce issues. Contact us today at

Division of Assets and Debts

In a Colorado divorce, the expectation is that the assets and debts will be divided equitably – fairly. In Court, that usually means that each asset is split down the middle or sold with the proceeds split.

In mediation we look at the whole pie, and parties are able to decide how they choose to receive their equitable share. Who gets the dining room table? Is cash more important than retirement funds? Does one of you want to keep the family home and get the other party off the mortgage? What will it take for you to qualify for a loan on your own? Did one of you get an inheritance? Are their debts that were incurred during the marriage – in whose name – how will they be divided? What about student loans?

During mediation, everything you own or owe will be addressed in a document called a Separation Agreement. Sometimes the division is quite clear, other times it calls for a bit of horse-trading. A mediator walks you through the process until you are both satisfied that the division is equitable and manageable for both parties. When you contact us, we will be able to help you settle your division of assets and debts for a gentle and smooth divorce process. Call us today at 303-377-2295 to settle your assets and debts in a positive environment.


Maintenance, or spousal support, formerly referred to as alimony, is designed to level the financial playing field to allow the lower income party to finish his/her education, get additional training, find employment or a better job and move on with life as a single person. It is often a contentious part of any separation agreement. The state of Colorado has created a “guidelines formula” to determine the amount, if any, and the length of time maintenance should be paid. The Court has a great deal of leeway in making that decision.

In mediation, the parties get to decide the maintenance questions. With the help of the mediator, the parties review the differential in income, the needs of one party that don't preclude the ability of the other party, the unbalanced division of assets and debts that can be created to provide for the lower income party in lieu of maintenance, and the reluctance of a party to pay – or to receive – maintenance. As long as both parties are aware of and understand their individual rights, they can choose how they want to address the issue of maintenance. If you have questions on maintenance/spousal support contact A Center for Divorce Solutions at 303-377-2295 and we will answer all your questions.

Parenting Plans

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You've decided to end your marital relationship – but you are attached at the hip for life if you have children. You will both want to participate in the important moments of your children's lives – first day of kindergarten – grade school graduation – the school play – a soccer game – and ultimately their marriage and birth of their children. And the last thing your kids need is to be worried about how their parents will act when they are together.

Deciding on how your children will live, relate to you, and function after a divorce or separation can be one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce and separation process.
At the Center, we are committed to helping couples identify and develop the best solutions for them, their children and their ongoing co-parenting relationships. In Colorado, a Parenting Plan is required by the Court. It focuses on the needs of the children at their current age. The Parenting Plan deals with such areas as where the children will be living, what the visitation (parenting time) schedule looks like, how major life decisions regarding the children are made and who is responsible for those decisions (parental responsibility), how expenses for the children will be paid, and child support (who, if anyone, will pay, how much, and when).

At the Center, we work with parents to address all issues relating to their children and their individual situation. A mediator works with the parties to develop an appropriate and manageable Parenting Plan. They also create a detailed Memorandum of Understanding for them to submit to the Court. As children get older and the Parenting Plan needs tweaking or needs a complete re-write to better suit their needs, parties often come back to the mediation table to make those adjustments, and submit the new plan so it will become a Court order. Contact A Center for Divorce Solutions for parental planning help. To create a detailed parental plan for your children call us to make an appointment at 303-377-2295.

Document Preparation

The Court requires a number of documents for your divorce, all of which the mediator can help you prepare. Since the Parenting Plan and Separation Agreements are the two main areas of discussion in mediation, the mediator provides you with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in each of those areas.

A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage alerts the Court that you want a divorce or legal separation and gives it some basic information about you.

A Case Information Sheet has all your personal information…names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, children's names, birth dates and social security numbers.

Sworn Financial Statements from each of you, with information about your income, your deductions, expenses and assets and debts.

Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Financial Disclosures, attests that each of you have provided your spouse with back up information for your Sworn Financial Statement.

Separation Agreement - addresses what will happen to all the assets and debts you listed in your Sworn Financial Statement and has a section on Maintenance. That includes what will happen to your home, cars, bank accounts, retirement funds, and debts, as well as if there will be maintenance, and if so how much and for how long.

Parenting Plan – if you have children the plan will include how the major life decisions for the kids will be made and by whom, when and where the children will reside, where they will be on the holidays, and a child support worksheet. The Memorandum of Understanding is detailed and specific with the hope that there will be no ambiguous areas which might lead to later disputes.

Support Order - is prepared for the Judge to sign and includes maintenance and child support, who is paying, how much they are paying, when payment is due.

Decree - is prepared for the Judge to sign.

If there is going to be a division of retirement funds, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order will also be submitted to the Court.

A Center for Divorce Solutions can help you prepare the necessary documents for court to help with the divorce process. Call us at 303-377-2295 or email to schedule an appointment today.

Post Decree Issues

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There are reasons it may be necessary to modify parts of your agreement – usually involving the parenting plan. You created it when the children were toddlers and now they're ten years old and the original plan isn't working well. You think your daughter should change schools, and the other parent disagrees. You want to sign your son up for football, and Mom says NO.

Going to Court over parenting issues can be difficult, time consuming and expensive depending on how hard the parties want to fight. Coming back to the mediation table is almost always a faster and more efficient way to resolve the issues. Let A Center for Divorce Solutions help resolve Post Decree Issues through mediation. Call today 303-377-2295.